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Do you need to request a new telephone or fax line activation?

Do you need to activate your residence hall room phone line?

Do you need an employee to be activated or reactivated as a faculty member in Banner so he/she may be associated with course(s) he/she will teach?

Do you need to have an employee activated as an advisor after they have completed AARC advising training?

Do you need to request a change to an employee’s Active Directory group/folder access?

Do you need to change the caller ID on a WKU telephone due to reassignment to a new employee or change in employee name?

Do you need to change the manager of a shared mailbox (e.g., or calendar account?

Do you think your WKU-owned computer is infected with a virus or malware?

Do you need to confirm your department’s existing student worker accounts in order to keep them active?

Do you need to request the creation of a new Continuing and Professional Development Course site?

Do you need to remove or grant access to a user in Slate?

Do you need an employee, student worker, or graduate assistant account created, modified, or deleted for Banner, TopNet, InfoView, or Document Imaging?

Do you need to request a catalog be created?

Do you need a mailing list created for your WKU organization?

Do you need to request an email account be created for a WKU affiliate?