Services A-Z (118)


Activate a Phone or Fax Line

Activate a Residence Hall Phone Line

Activate Employee as Faculty for Scheduling

Activate Faculty/Staff Advising Access

Add/Remove Active Directory Group/Folder Access


Change Caller ID Name

Change Manager of Shared Mailbox or Calendar Request

Computer or Device Issue or Request

Confirm Student Worker Account Access

Continuing and Professional Development Course Creation

Create / Modify / Delete Access to Banner / TopNet / InfoView / DocImaging

Create / Modify / Delete Slate Access

Create a Catalog

Create a Mailing List

Create Affiliate (Non-Employee) Account

Create Part Time Staff Email Account

Create Room or Equipment Resource

Create/Modify a Custom Shared Folder


Deactivate Student Worker Accounts

Delete a WKU Blog

Digital Signage Support

Disconnect a Phone or Fax Line

Duo Request


Enable Cisco Jabber Instant Messaging

Enable Cisco Jabber Phone and Instant Messaging


Give myWKU Feedback


Install Network Data Port

Install New Classroom Computer

IVS Course Change or Update


Modify Delegate Access to Room or Equipment Resource

Modify Manager to Room or Equipment Resource

Modify Rights to Banner Index Number


New Digital Signage Request

Non-Academic Audio/Video Issue or Request


On Demand Course Site Creation

On Demand Course Site Deletion

On Demand Course Site Rename


Printing Issue or Request

Purchase External Domain Name


Questions about Billing or Account Information


Recover Secure Data File

Relocate a Phone or Fax Line

Rename Email Account

Report a Google Workspace Issue

Report a Mediasite Issue

Report a Video Surveillance Issue

Report a WKU Blog Issue

Report a Zoom Issue

Report an iWKU Issue

Report an Office 365 Issue or Request

Report an Omni CMS Issue

Report Blackboard Collaborate Issue

Report Blackboard Issue

Report Cable Television Issues

Report Cisco Jabber Trouble or Issue

Report Classroom Issue

Report Game Console Wi-Fi Issue

Report Hosted System Issue

Report Library Database Issue

Report Library Equipment Issue

Report Library Software Issue

Report Network Data Port Issues

Report New Banner Finance Index Number

Report Payment Acceptance Issue or Question

Report Phone or Fax Issue

Report Security Incident

Report Wi-Fi Issues

Report WKU ITS-Created System Issue

Report WKU VPN Issue

Request a Network Patch Cable

Request a WKU Blog

Request Access to WKU VPN

Request Adobe Sign Account

Request an Increase to Guest Account Creation Limit

Request an iWKU App Feature

Request an Organization Site

Request AppStreaming Software or Installation in Lab

Request Assistance with WKU email

Request Banner and TopNet Faculty Load and Compensation Access

Request Calendly Account Creation/Modification or Information

Request Call Center Changes

Request Creation of Shared Mailbox Account

Request Departmental Device Service

Request Electronic Access Control Service

Request Ellucian Training

Request Information on System Hosting

Request ITS Materials or Presenter for Event

Request ITS Project Evaluation

Request ITS Services for Event

Request ITS Services for Project

Request Library Event Setup

Request Library Website Edit

Request My Files Storage Quota Increase

Request New Phone Features

Request Payment Acceptance Account

Request Phone Accessories

Request Programming Services

Request Publisher Integration

Request Purchasing / Budget Approval Queue Modification

Request Recording of Meeting or Course

Request Restricted Access

Request Software Installation in Classroom

Request Sponsored Computer Lab Accounts

Request Student Access to ITS Employee Training

Request Student Access to Past Courses

Request User Access Modification for a Shared Mailbox or Calendar

Request Video Surveillance Service

Request Zoom Webinar

Restore File from Back-Ups


Schedule a Room

Submit Digital Signage Material to the “WKU Content Feed”


TeamDynamix Issue or Request


Zoom Room Issue or Request