TeamDynamix Issue or Request

Why request this service?

Staff and Student users of the TeamDynamix ticketing system may utilize this request if you need ITS TeamDynamix administrator assistance. Some examples include:

  • All Ticketing Application Users
    • Add, update, or remove rights for an employee in your area.
    • Edit global/shared reports.
    • New or update items (ex., request forms, response templates [canned emails], scheduled tickets, service catalog entries, task templates, and so on).
    • Anything else related to TeamDynamix administration.
  • ITS Ticketing Applications Users Only
    • Access following training (ITS employees).
    • Edits to building and room lists (ITS employees).
    • Edits to knowledge articles (ITS employees).
    • Enroll ITS employee in TDX Blackboard course (ITS employees).

Note: Please refer to your administrative unit for details regarding TeamDynamix training.

Request Service


Service ID: 138
Tue 7/28/15 2:18 PM
Wed 10/25/23 12:41 PM