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Categories (13)

Blackboard Services

Requests involving Blackboard ( https://blackboard.wku.edu ).

Blog Services

Requests involving WKU’s WordPress Blog server.

Duo / Cisco AnyConnect VPN Services

Requests involving the Duo Security app and/or Cisco AnyConnect VPN program.

Google G Suite Services

Requests involving Google G Suite.

iWKU Services

Requests involving the iWKU mobile app.

Library Services

Requests involving Library systems and software (e.g., One-Search Catalog, OCLC, Interlibrary Loan, PastPerfect).

Mediasite Services

Requests involving Mediasite (e.g., create catalog).

myWKU Services

Requests involving myWKU ( http://my.wku.edu ).

Office 365

Requests involving Microsoft Office 365 or OneDrive.

OU Campus Services

Requests involving OU Campus.

Payment Acceptance Services

Requests involving accepting credit card payments online.

Qualtrics Services

Requests involving Qualtrics survey software.

Server & System Hosting Services

Requests involving servers and systems managed by WKU IT (e.g., request information, report issue).

Server Hosting is a service provided by central IT to University departments who need a managed server but don’t have the resources or expertise to operate one. Departments that want to run specialized software that addresses a specific need can take advantage of this service and not have to worry about managing server hardware and software. We offer this service using our VMware environment. We charge a yearly management fee for this service.

Services (2)

Enterprise System Problem or Error

Tickets involving a problem, error, or question regarding an enterprise-level system affecting one client. Examples of enterprise-level systems include: Active Directory, Adobe Connect Pro, Banner, Blackboard, Exchange Email, Infoview Reports, Internet, myWKU (Portal), OU Campus, TopNet, and TopperMail.

Software Application Problem or Error

Tickets involving a problem, error, or question regarding a software application affecting one client. Examples of software applications include: Adobe Suite applications, Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware, BSR, Microsoft Office Suite applications, SAS, SPSS, and Web Browsers (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). Available level of support may vary per application.