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Categories (13)

Blackboard Services

Requests involving Blackboard ( https://blackboard.wku.edu ).

Blog Services

Requests involving WKU’s WordPress Blog server.

Duo / Cisco AnyConnect VPN Services

Requests involving the Duo Security app and/or Cisco AnyConnect VPN program.

Google Workspace Services

Requests involving Google Workspace for Education (formerly G Suite).

iWKU Services

Requests involving the iWKU mobile app.

Library Services

Requests involving Library systems and software (e.g., One-Search Catalog, OCLC, Interlibrary Loan, PastPerfect).

Mediasite Services

Requests involving Mediasite (e.g., create catalog).

myWKU Services

Requests involving myWKU ( http://my.wku.edu ).

Office 365

Requests involving Microsoft Office 365 or OneDrive.

Omni CMS Services

Requests involving Omni CMS.

Payment Acceptance Services

Requests involving accepting credit card payments online.

Server & System Hosting Services

Requests involving servers and systems managed by WKU IT (e.g., request information, report issue).

Server Hosting is a service provided by central IT to University departments who need a managed server but don’t have the resources or expertise to operate one. Departments that want to run specialized software that addresses a specific need can take advantage of this service and not have to worry about managing server hardware and software. We offer this service using our VMware environment. We charge a yearly management fee for this service.


Requests involving the TeamDynamix ticketing system.

Services (2)

Enterprise System Problem or Error

Tickets involving a problem, error, or question regarding an enterprise-level system affecting one client. Examples of enterprise-level systems include: Active Directory, Banner, Blackboard, Degree Works, Exchange Email, Infoview Reports, Internet, myWKU (Portal), Omni CMS (OU Campus), TopNet, and TopperMail.

Software Application Problem or Error

Tickets involving a problem, error, or question regarding a software application affecting one client. Examples of software applications include: Adobe Suite applications, Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware, BSR, Microsoft Office Suite applications, SAS, SPSS, and Web Browsers (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). Available level of support may vary per application.