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Do you need to report an issue with the WKU VPN or the Duo Mobile security app?

Do you need to upgrade your Qualtrics account to allow image file attachments?

Report a problem or request support concerning your existing digital sign(s).

Do you need to request a recycled computer for your department?

Having issues associating a new device with Duo or need to report an issue?

Do you need to report an issue with WKU’s Wi-Fi?

Do you need to reserve a laptop for use during the Covid-19 online teaching period?

Are you hosting an event and would like involvement from WKU IT?

Do you need to report an issue with a wired network data port on WKU’s campus?

Do you need assistance purchasing a computer for your department?

Do you need to have the operating system upgraded on your WKU-owned faculty/staff computer?

Do you need to report a problem with an Electronic Access Control door?

Do you need a mailing list created for your WKU organization?

Do you need to request a media conversion from one format to another?

Do you need to have your WKU-owned computer installed?

Do you have an Electronic Access Control (EAC) related request for an existing EAC door?

Do you need to request the rename of an existing On Demand course site?

Tickets involving a problem, error, or question regarding a software application affecting one client. Examples of software applications include: Adobe Suite applications, Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware, BSR, Microsoft Office Suite applications, SAS, SPSS, and Web Browsers (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). Available level of support may vary per application.

Do you want to request a feature or enhancements for the iWKU app?

Do you need to request a Blackboard organization site?

Would you like to request your Personal (P:) Drive storage space be increased?

Do you need an employee, student worker, or graduate assistant account created, modified, or deleted for Banner, TopNet, InfoView, or Document Imaging?

Have you changed your name and need your email address renamed?

The Hilltopper Content Feed is a layout managed by WKU IT where clients can submit university related content to be played on certain signs running this particular layout. If you would like to submit content to be displayed as part of this feed, please submit using this entry. Please note that submissions must be directly related to University business. No commercial advertisements are permitted. Images need to be either a .jpg or .png with a recommended resolution of 1920x1080. Videos need to be in a format supported by Windows Media Player (ex. .wmv, .avi, .mpeg). If any content is over 1GB in file size, please upload the file to S:\UNIVERSITY-WIDE-SHARED\Enterprise Digital Signage. Once the content has been published, it will be deleted from this location.

Do you need to request the 32-bit version of Windows 10?