Popular Services

Do you need an employee, student worker, or graduate assistant account created, modified, or deleted for Banner, TopNet, InfoView, or Document Imaging?

Do you need to request a change to an employee’s Active Directory group/folder access?

Do you need to request programming services (e.g., TopNet, Banner, Infoview, Advance)?

Do you need to have a computer picked up and delivered to Surplus?

Do you need to request that EAC users be added or removed from accessing your area, or change your area’s lock/unlock schedule? This service will automatically route your request to WKU Access Control.

Do you need to have the operating system refreshed on your WKU-owned faculty/staff computer?

Do you need to request that someone has access to a shared mailbox or calendar account?

Do you need software installed on a lab computer or made available via AppStreaming?

Do you need an employee to be activated or reactivated as a faculty member in Banner so he/she may be associated with course(s) he/she will teach?

Do you need to have a custom shared folder created or the name changed of a current one?

Do you need to reserve a laptop?

Do you need to request a repair or report a problem with EAC door or card reader functionality?

Do you need to request access to the WKU VPN?

Do you need to change the caller ID on a WKU telephone due to reassignment to a new employee or change in employee name?

Do you need to request changes to an employee’s access to a Banner Index Number?

Do you need to report an issue with or ask a question regarding a WKU-owned faculty/staff/student worker computer?

Do you need to request a recycled computer for your department?

Do you need to request a new telephone or fax line activation?

Do you need to request a student to have access to a past course?

Has a file has been moved, modified, or deleted from the Personal (P:), Shared (S:), or Secure (U:) drives and needs to be restored from back-ups?

Have you changed your name and need your email address renamed?

Tickets involving a problem, error, or question regarding a software application affecting one client. Examples of software applications include: Adobe Suite applications, Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware, BSR, Microsoft Office Suite applications, SAS, SPSS, and Web Browsers (i.e., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). Available level of support may vary per application.

Do you have questions about billing or account changes regarding WKU phone services?

Did you create a new index number in Banner Finance and need to report it to WKU IT?

Do you need a shared mailbox account created (e.g., bigred@wku.edu)?