Setting Up Text Alerts


How do I set up text alerts from WKU?


 Note: There are two categories of text alerts: University Communication and Emergency Text Messages. University Communication provides information about important events, your application status, deadlines, and other reminders. Emergency Text Messages provide alerts about campus emergencies such as crime and weather.

Students, Staff, Faculty, and Alumni

  1. Login to TopNet.
  2. Click Continue Login.
  3. Click Personal Information.
  4. Click View / Update Cell Phone Messaging Notification.
  5. Select either Add University Communication Number or Add Emergency Text Number depending on the type of alerts you wish to receive.
  6. Enter your Cell Phone Area Code and Cell Phone Number.
  7. Click Submit.


WKUID numbers are not required for affiliates to enroll in emergency alerts, however the employee's name, mobile phone number, mobile carrier, and an email address are needed for each enrollment.

If you are a WKU affiliate or non-employee, you may request to setup or remove text alerts by contacting the ITS Service Desk.

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