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Instructions on how to get Duo to call you when you login.
Instructions for using the Microsoft Authenticator app as multi factor authentication method on multiple platforms.
Instructions on how to schedule an audio-only telephone conference using the Zoom desktop client.
Information about Cisco Jabber and standard desk phones being used simultaneously.
Information on resolving an issue where your iOS 9 device is using more data than normal.
Information about cellular discounts available to faculty, staff, and students.
Information for repair services offered by Android device makers.
Information on how to set up WKU emergency text alerts for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and affiliates.
Instructions on what to do when you receive the error "Error during call: Insufficient telephony credits." when logging in with Duo.
Information about changing a student email multi factor authentication number.
Instructions on how to add a new device to your Duo Mobile account.
Instructions for enabling G Suite 2-step verification.
Instructions for enabling Cisco Jabber calling from an Android device.
Instructions for setting up the Cisco VPN on an Android device for the first time.
Information about cellular tethering / hotspots.