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Instructions for students and alumni on how to view their unofficial transcript.
Instructions on how to request online ITS trainings for a student worker.
Information and instructions for troubleshooting instructor-level access to Blackboard courses.
Information about renewing student worker TopNet accounts.
Information on what to do if you have a WKU ITS hold on TopNet.
Instructions for adding Big Red Dollars to a WKU ID.
Information about getting access to the Advisor tab within TopNet.
Instructions to look up a student worker TopNet advisor account and reset the PIN.
Instructions for extending the automatic log-out time for TopNet sessions.
Instructions on how to pay tuition.
Instructions for logging in to TopNet (
Instructions for removing stored student IDs from the Advisors & Student Data Inquiry tab in TopNet in Chrome.
Instructions for requesting TopNet Faculty Services tab in TopNet.
Instructions for resetting your WKUID PIN.
Information about dropping a student from a course due to non-attendance.