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Instructions on how to use text formatting in OWA messages.
Instructions on how to resize the font in a reply/forward window in Outlook.
Information about the First Day Inclusive Access texts on Blackboard.
Information regarding textbooks acquired through the WKU Store's Day One Access / Complete Solutions First Day program.
Information regarding YUZU eBooks.
Instructions for enabling G Suite 2-step verification.
Instructions for changing default text size on Windows 10.
Instructions for increasing the appearance of text and icons throughout the Windows 10 system and applications.
Instructions for using the Highlight Tool in Adobe Acrobat.
Instructions for making the text size larger in Safari.
Instructions for finding a list of needed textbooks on TopNet.
Instructions on how to get Duo to text you a passcode that you can use to login.
Instructions for sending an email as a text message to a cell phone.
Instructions on getting assistance with AppXtender issues.
Instructions for setting up and enabling Speech Recognition on a Windows 10 computer.