Posting to the WKU Classifieds


How do I post to the WKU Classifieds?


WKU maintains an email mailing list called WKU Classifieds for advertising personal items that are wanted or for sale.


Although this service is available, it is unsupported; WKU ITS does not provide assistance or troubleshooting for WKU Classifieds.

Posting To List

  1. Open your email account that is a member of the mailing list.
    Note: Only accounts subscribed to the list can successfully post.
  2. Compose your email.
    Note: Maximum message size is 1,500kb including attachments.
  3. Send email to address.

Self-Help and Troubleshooting

  • Not Receiving Posts from Others - Check personal mailing list options to ensure you are actively subscribed and mail delivery is enabled. 
  • Receiving Posts from Others But Not Your Own
    1. Check personal mailing list options to ensure Receive your own posts to the list? is set to Yes
    2. If Yes is set, please contact your non-WKU email service provider for assistance.
      Note: GMail disregards this setting; even though it will send to the list, you will not receive copies of your posts.

See for more information.

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