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Instructions for adding Big Red Dollars to a WKU ID.
Instructions on how to enable or disable closed-captioning in a Zoom meeting.
Instructions for connecting an Amazon Kindle Fire to WKU-SECURE network.
Information for the WKU Police Department on how to get access to the Next-of-Kin database.
Instructions for applying the WKU look and feel to Qualtrics surveys.
Instructions for logging into myWKU (
Instructions for replacing a staff profile photo with the WKU logo in OU Addons.
Information about the First Day Inclusive Access texts on Blackboard.
Information about the recommended Zoom security settings for meetings.
Instructions for preventing non-WKU users from accessing a Zoom meeting by requiring authentication.
Information about unlocking a WKU-owned iPad after it has been locked by another employee.
Instructions for connecting a Google Home to WKU-Wireless.
Information about purchasing WKU-Owned computers, equipment, or IT-related devices upon ending employment.
Information regarding how to setup an iPad for departmental use.