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Instructions for instructors on viewing the total number of discussion board posts by a student on Blackboard.
Instructions on deleting a discussion board post on Blackboard as a student.
Instructions on how to post to a Discussion Board in Blackboard.
Instructions for creating a blog on Blackboard.
Instructions for creating hyperlinks in the Blackboard text editor.
Instructions for submitting a discussion board draft post in Blackboard.
Information on editing Blackboard Discussion Board posts.
Instructions for printing Blackboard Discussion Board posts.
Information on recovering deleted items from Blackboard.
Instructions for attaching a file to a discussion board post in Blackboard.
Instructions on what to do when you are missing discussion board posts and it displays "No items found".
Instructions for posting a Blog entry.
Information on how to post to the WKU Classifieds.
Instructions for embedding an image in a discussion board post.
Information regarding changing the individual/course setting for a Blog.