Docked Laptop Turns Off External Monitor


My external monitor disconnects if I dock my laptop or close the lid on an already docked laptop.


  • Dell Laptops


A setting configured by Intel's Graphics Control Panel software can override Windows' monitor arrangement settings.


  1. Dock the laptop and open the lid.
     Note: If the external monitor is still disabled, enable it in Windows' settings. See this article for assistance.
  2. Open Intel HD Graphics Control Panel.
  3. Click Display.
  4. Select Display | Multiple Displays.
  5. Set the external monitor as the Primary Display. If you have multiple external monitors, match the priority with Windows' settings, placing the Built-In Display as the last monitor.
  6. Click Apply.


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Wed 10/5/16 3:19 PM
Wed 7/29/20 9:10 AM

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