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Instructions for duplicating displays on Windows computers.
Instructions for repositioning dual monitors on a Windows computer.
Instructions for extending desktop display on Windows 10.
Details on how to resolve a technical issue with WKU Classroom hardware.
Instructions for disabling full screen view on Google Chrome.
Instructions for turning on or off the reading pane in OWA.
Instructions on how to display onto an external monitor from a Macbook.
Instructions for fixing full-screen windows that are cut off.
Information about troubleshooting monitors that will not display.
Information and instructions for correcting display problems from Office 2016 on Windows 10 computers.
Information regarding Blackboard displaying as a mobile-friendly view when using Blackboard on a non-mobile browser.
Instructions for making display scroll bars always appear on macOS computers.
Information about Respondus LockDown Browser displaying only a white screen.
Information for NetIDs showing up as names in Zoom meetings.
Instructions for removing a white bar that appears at the top of certain windows in Windows 10.