Adding Funds to Print Allocation


How can I add funds to my print allocation?


Since funds may not be available for printing until the next business day, we suggest adding funds in advance before your free printing allocation has been exhausted.
After you have exhausted your free print allocation, printing charges will be deducted from Big Red Dollars. You will need to add Big Red Dollars to your account either through TopNet or by visiting the WKU ID Center.

Adding Big Red Dollars via TopNet

  1. Log into TopNet
  2. Click Student Services
  3. Click Purchase Big Red Dollars
  4. Select the correct term, and select Submit
  5. Review the Purchasing Big Red Dollars disclaimer
  6. Click the I Agree button. 
    Note: Additional funds will be available by 10AM the following business day.
  7. At the bottom of the page, enter the amount of Big Red Dollars you wish to purchase. 
  8. Clicking the Add/Update button constitutes your electronic signature and agreement. 


Adding Big Red Dollars via WKU ID Center

If you wish to add Big Red Dollars to your account in person, you may do so by visiting the WKU ID Center located in Downing Student Union. 


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