Correcting Inaccurate Weighted Column Score


I created a Weighted Column in the Full Grade Center and now some students have a final grade higher than 100%, even though no extra credit was given in the course. Why is this?


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Students were assigned a grade higher than the points possible for a grade column (assignment). An example would be if a discussion board was supposed to be 40 points possible, but the professor accidentally made the points possible only 30 points. If the professor provides 40 points to a student who completed the discussion board then the student would have 40/30 points for the discussion board grade.


  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Navigate to course with affected grades.
  3. Under the Course Management panel, select Grade Center.
  4. Click Full Grade Center.
  5. Choose a grading column and click on the drop-down arrow next to one of the grades a student received if this student has a grade higher than 100%.
  6. Click View Grade Details.
  7. Review the Current Grade: section and ensure the points possible are not lower than the points given to the student as a grade.
  8. Under the grade Details Section, select the left-facing or right-facing arrow next to the column title.
  9. Continue reviewing each points possible out of points given for each column assignment.
  10. If the current grade given to a student is higher than the points possible for any given column then the user will need to correct the points possible so the student is not given over 100% for an assignment.
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