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Attempts Not Visible for Assessment

Instructions for enabling attempts taken on assessments through Blackboard.

Blackboard Ultra Gradebook Views

Information about the different views (List vs. Grid) for Blackboard Ultra courses.

Bulk Downloading Attached Assignments

Instructions for bulk downloading all students' attached files to an assignment.

Calculated Column Not Displaying Correct Score

Instructions for making calculated columns only include specific graded items to ensure the correct score is given in Blackboard.

Clearing Submission Attempt

Instructions for clearing an attempt at an assignment or assessment from the Blackboard Grade Center

Columns Are Not Visible or Scrollable on iPadOS with Blackboard Original Course View

Information about not being able to see or scroll additional columns in the Blackboard Grade Center for Original Course view when accessed via iPadOS.

Correcting Inaccurate Weighted Column Score

Information regarding students with grades higher than 100% in a course without the ability to achieve extra credit.

Creating a Grade Center Report

Instructions for creating a Grade Center Report in Blackboard.

Creating a Weighted Total Column

Instructions for creating a weighted total column in Blackboard.

Creating an Extra Credit Column

Instructions for creating an extra credit column in Blackboard.

Creating Columns

Instructions for creating a new Grade Center column.

Creating Gradebook Categories in Ultra Course View Courses

Instructions for creating and placing items in a grade category in Blackboard Ultra.

Deleting a Grade Center Column

Instructions on deleting a grade center column.

Downloading Graded Assignment Files with Comments

Information about downloading graded assignment files with Instructor comments.

Downloading Submissions

Instructions for downloading all student submissions simultaneously.

Dropping a Grade From a Calculated Column

Instructions on how to create a Calculated Column in Blackboard that automatically drops a specified amount of the highest and/or lowest grades.

Editing Comments on Student Papers Using Blackboard Annotate

Instructions for editing comments made through the use of Blackboard's Box for student papers.

Enabling a Final Grade Percentage

Instructions for creating a final grade percentage column.

Enabling Scroll Bars in Grade Center

Instructions on how to enable scroll bars in the Grade Center when they are not appearing in Blackboard.

Exporting a Single Grade Column in the Grade Center to an Excel File

Instructions on how to export a single grade column to an Excel file in Blackboard.

Exporting Blackboard Full Grade Center as Excel File

Instructions for exporting Blackboard's Full Grade Center as an Excel file.

Exporting Roster to a Spreadsheet

Information on how to save a course roster as a spreadsheet for opening in Excel and other spreadsheet programs.

Grade Column Grayed Out

Information on what to do when a grade center column is grayed out.

Hide or Show Students in Full Grade Center

Instructions for hiding or showing students within the Full Grade Center of Blackboard.

Hiding Grade From Students

Instructions for hiding a grade from student view.

Items Not Displaying in Needs Grading View

Instructions for having items not showing up as needing grading in the grade center marked as needing grading.

Making the Weighted Total the Default Score Displayed to Students

Instructions for making the weighted total column the only score displayed to students in Blackboard.

Manually Entering Grades

Instructions for manually entering grades.

Missing Grade Center Columns

Information about Grade Center columns that are missing after being created.

Missing Grades in My Grades

Information about when grades go "missing" My Grades for students on Blackboard.

Missing McGraw-Hill Grades

Information regarding missing grades from McGraw-Hill Connect.

Missing Pearson Grades

Information regarding missing Pearson grades on Blackboard.

Multiple Attempts Appear in Needs Grading

Information about multiple attempts appearing under Needs Grading, even after a grade has been awarded in the Grade Center.

Organizing Grade Center Columns

Instructions for organizing the Grade Center columns.

Printing Grades from Grade Center

Information on printing a grade center report from Blackboard.

Reconciling Grades in Blackboard

Instructions for reconciling grades from a Blackboard course where delegated grading has been enabled.

Removing Comments via Inline Grading

Instructions for removing comments in the Inline Grading.

Requesting ITS Service Desk Make Changes by Phone

The ITS Service Desk cannot make changes to course sites or the grade center.

Retrieving Deleted Grade Center Column

Information regarding accidentally delete Blackboard Grade Center columns.

Selecting Multiple Options in a Blackboard Rubric

Information about making multiple sections of a Blackboard rubric selected for a single row.

Setting Column as External Grade

Information about setting a column as an external grade.

Setting Up Automatic Grade Drops in Blackboard Ultra

Instructions for setting up automatic grade drops in Ultra Course View courses in Blackboard.

Setting Up or Changing Overall Grades in Blackboard Ultra Gradebooks

Instructions for setting up or changing Overall Grades in Blackboard Ultra Gradebooks.

Some Test Attempts Not Grading Automatically

Instructions for identifying the circumstances causing some student's test attempts to display a Needs Grading indicator for tests that should be auto-graded.

Student Unable to View Rubric in Blackboard Grade Center

Instructions for checking to make sure that rubric comments are enabled for Blackboard assignments.

Unable to Delete Grade Center Column

Instructions on what to do when you are unable to delete a Grade Center Column in Blackboard.

Viewing Feedback of Graded Items

Instructions for students on viewing feedback on a graded assignment/assessment in Blackboard.

Viewing Individual Student Sections in Grade Center

Instructions on viewing a single student section in the grade center in Blackboard.

Viewing Item Analysis

Instructions for completing an Item Analysis report to review student grades and answers for an exam.

Viewing Manual Edits to Grades

Instructions to view manual edits of grades in Blackboard.

Viewing Student's Past Attempts

Instructions for Blackboard Instructors on how to view a log of attempts, cleared attempts, overrides, and exemptions for a grade.

Viewing Survey Results

Instructions for viewing results of a survey conducted in Blackboard.

Visibility of Students in Grade Center

Instructions for Instructors on how to make a student visible in the Grade Center.

Working Offline with the Grade Center

Instructions on how to download the Grade Center and work in offline mode on Blackboard.