Columns Are Not Visible or Scrollable on iPadOS with Blackboard Original Course View


I cannot see all of the columns in my Blackboard Original course to complete or review grading while using iPadOS and I am not able to scroll to see additional columns. 


  • Blackboard Original Course View
    • iPadOS


Sometimes when there are lots of columns the built-in iPadOS browser has a hard time scrolling and seeing the different columns in Blackboard Original Course View. To change this, you must enable the Screen Reader feature. This will slightly change the view of Grade Center, but will allow you to scroll to the various columns you need. These instructions are only for Blackboard Original Course View


  1. Navigate to the course in question. 
  2. Enter the Full Grade Center
  3. Tap the chevron next to Grade Center: Full Grade Center at the top of the page. 
  4. Tap Turn Screen Reader Mode on
  5. The page should refresh allowing you to scroll the columns as needed. 
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