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Instructions for reconnecting a Ricoh printer on a Dell lab computer.
Instructions for creating a Grade Center Report in Blackboard.
Instructions for sending a print job from your personal computer to a WKU Student Technology Center (STC) printer.
Information about Grade Center columns that are missing after being created.
Information regarding students with grades higher than 100% in a course without the ability to achieve extra credit.
Instructions for updating the Software Center app to get the latest list of apps available.
Information about software in the Software Center app failing to install on Windows devices.
Instructions for manually entering grades.
Instructions on deleting a grade center column.
Information on transferring software licenses on software purchased for WKU-owned computers.
Instructions for logging into an Adobe Creative Cloud account purchased through WKU ITS.
Instructions on how to install Adobe Creative Cloud applications from WKU.
Instructions for hiding a grade from student view.
Instructions on how to download the Grade Center and work in offline mode on Blackboard.
Instructions on how to enable scroll bars in the Grade Center when they are not appearing in Blackboard.