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Information on what to do when you have issues with equipment checked out through TopperTech (formerly TRC).
Instructions for sending a print job from your personal computer to a WKU Student Technology Center (STC) printer.
Instructions for printing to the Ricoh printers in the Student Technology Centers.
Instructions for how to make copies at a Ricoh printer.
Instructions for performing scan-to-email on a Ricoh printer in the Student Technology Centers.
Instructions for installing SAS from the Software Center.
Instructions for modifying the Trust Center options for Microsoft Office products.
Instructions on deleting a grade center column.
Instructions for installing SAS University Edition on macOS.
Instructions for manually entering grades.
Instructions for creating a new Grade Center column.
Information about Grade Center columns that are missing after being created.
Instructions for creating an extra credit column in Blackboard.
Instructions for reinstalling software from the WKU Software Center.
Information on what software is available on the WKU Software Center.