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Instructions to view manual edits of grades in Blackboard.
Instructions for downloading all student submissions simultaneously.
Instructions on deleting a grade center column.
Instructions for viewing SafeAssignments that are not in the gradebook.
Instructions for manually entering grades.
Instructions for creating a new Grade Center column.
Information about Grade Center columns that are missing after being created.
Instructions for creating an extra credit column in Blackboard.
Instructions for hiding a grade from student view.
Instructions for having items not showing up as needing grading in the grade center marked as needing grading.
Information about setting a column as an external grade.
Instructions for exporting Blackboard's Full Grade Center as an Excel file.
Instructions for creating a weighted total column in Blackboard.
Instructions for hiding or showing students within the Full Grade Center of Blackboard.
Instructions for checking to make sure that rubric comments are enabled for Blackboard assignments.