Making the Weighted Total the Default Score Displayed to Students


How do I set a weighted total column as the only score display for students to see? 


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A course grade is calculated on weighted items rather than a point system. 


  1. Navigate to the course in question.
  2. Open the Full Grade Center.
  3. Click the downward chevron  on the Weighted Total Column and select Set as External Grade and a green checkmark should appear next to the column name.
  4. You may at this point go to the Total column and select the downward chevron  and either select Delete to totally get rid of the column or, in case you may want this information later, select Hide from students (on/off) where you will be able to see it, but students will not. You will know that the column is hidden from students when an icon of a circle with a red line through it appears next to the column name.

​​​​​​​Note: It is possible that the Total column might have been accidentally hidden from the instructor's view. Please see these steps to restore the Total column to make the changes listed above. 

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