Dropping a Grade From a Calculated Column


How do I create a Calculated Column in Blackboard that automatically drops a specified amount of the highest and/or lowest grades?


  • Blackboard


  1. Expand the Control Panel menu for the course.
  2. Expand the Grade Center.
  3. Click Full Grade Center.
  4. Click Create Calculated Column.
  5. Select the desired calculated column type.
  6. Name the column.
  7. Locate the SELECT COLUMNS section.
  8. For Average, Minimum/Maximum, and Total columns, select Selected Columns and/or Categories. (Weighted columns do not have any other choices.)
  9. Choose items from the Categories to Select section.
  10. In the Selected Columns: section, select Drop Grades and enter numerical values for how many high and/or low grades you want to drop.
  11. Continue customizing the column as desired.
  12. Click Submit.
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