Calculated Column Not Displaying Correct Score


I have created a calculated column, but the scores are not what they should be.


The column is either missing content that should be calculated in the grade or is including content that should not be calculated.


  1. Place the mouse cursor over the column title.
  2. Click (options menu).
  3. Select Edit Column Information.
  4. In the SELECT COLUMNS section, choose Selected Columns and Categories for Include in Total.
  5. Ensure all of the desired columns are listed in the Columns to Select: window.
  6. If any column titles are missing, they will need to be edited.
    1. Click Cancel to return to the Full Grade Center.
    2. Locate the missing column.
    3. Click (options menu).
    4. Select Edit Column Information.
    5. In the OPTIONS section, set Include this Column in Grade Center Calculations to Yes.
    6. Click Submit.
    7. Return to the calculated column's Edit Information page.
  7. Click the desired columns to be calculated to highlight them.
  8. Click (move right) to move the columns to the Selected Columns: window.
  9. Customize any other settings as desired.
  10. Click Submit.


Article ID: 2113
Tue 4/26/16 10:18 AM
Fri 2/19/21 1:02 PM