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When I attempted to submit an assignment in Blackboard, I was redirected to a login page and it appears that my work was lost. Why did this happen and can I recover my lost work?


You were redirected to the login page because your session has timed-out after a period of inactivity for security purposes. This will happen if you do not regularly open new pages in Blackboard.


In some cases, it may be possible to recover your lost work by using the back button on your web browser. There is no other way to recover your unsaved work.

We recommend regularly saving submissions as drafts to avoid losing work. You may also draft your submission in another program, such as Microsoft Word, and avoid the risk of time-outs completely, but be sure to regularly save a copy of your work in case your computer shuts down unexpectedly. You may then copy and paste your submission or upload the entire file, depending on your instructor's instructions.


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Fri 7/31/15 2:36 PM
Mon 10/30/23 1:48 PM