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Instructions on exempting students from assignments to allow them a choice without affecting overall grade totals.
Information about reordering files once they have been attached to a Blackboard assignment.
Instructions for professors on making an assignment available to only specific students.
Information on recovering deleted items from Blackboard.
Instructions on how to submit a submission draft on Blackboard.
Instructions for Instructors on creating an assignment in Blackboard.
Instructions for resolving this error when trying to use SafeAssign: "Access Denied"
Information about changing an assignment after it is submitted.
Instructions for using Blackboard spell-check.
Instructions for downloading submitted files on Blackboard.
Information on what to do if an assignment is missing in Blackboard.
Instructions for saving feedback on a graded document in Blackboard.
Information regarding what to do if assignments are missing after using Course Copy.
Information for instructors to ensure Blackboard course items can be accessed by students.