Creating a Test Pool (Word)


How can I create a test pool in Word to be uploaded with Respondus?


Respondus has the ability to upload test pools directly to Blackboard in the form of text or Word (.doc) documents. In order for these pools to upload properly, they have to be in a specific format.


  1. Titles must be placed at the beginning of a question and begin with "Title:" followed by the actual text for the title.*
  2. Each question must begin with a number, followed by either a period or a parentheses.
  3. The question wording must follow the question number (at least one space should be between the question number and wording).
  4. Each answer must begin with a letter (A - T) followed by a period or parentheses.
  5. To mark an answer as correct, place an asterisk (*) directly in front of the answer choice (e.g., *c. Correct answer text).
  6. Repeat this format until all questions in the assessment are entered. Each title, question, and answer should be on individual lines in the document.


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