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Instructions on downloading and installing Respondus.
Information about what to do if your tests/quizzes are missing after performing a course copy on Blackboard.
Information about the Respondus LockDown Monitor for Blackboard exams.
Instruction on what to do when a Blackboard test repeatedly asks for a password.
Instructions on creating a test pool for Respondus in Word.
Information for using Perason TestGen to create and use tests with Blackboard.
Instructions for adding a password to tests.
Information on retaking a locked assessment.
Instructions for resolving the error "Object doesn’t support property or method ‘addClassName’" when trying to open a Blackboard assessment in Internet Explorer.
Instructions for instructors on creating a test in Blackboard.
Information regarding editing an assessment after an attempt has been recorded.
Instructions for students on viewing feedback on a graded assignment/assessment in Blackboard.
Information on how to view the time when a test attempt was begun, the time when each question's answer was saved, and the time when the attempt was submitted.
Instructions for creating a matching question set.
Information on how to get help with your course work.