Finding Subscribers of an Asset


How do I determine what pages are linked to an asset (subscribers)?


  • Omni CMS


  1. Login to Omni CMS.
  2. Using the top navigation bar on the page, hover over  Content and click  Assets.
    Note: Insert your note within this text.This may take some time to load, please be patient.
  3. Locate the asset for which you are wanting to find subscribers.
    Note: Insert your note within this text.You can use the text box above the list to filter and find a specific asset.
  4. Once you have found the desired asset in the list, look at the Tag column and copy the complete value associated with the asset, which should look similar to {{a:}}.
  5. On the upper right-hand side of the page, click the plug icon to open the Gadget tools.
  6. Find the Dependency Tag Info gadget and click the down-arrow icon (  ) to expand it.
  7. Paste the copied asset tag from step 4 into the text box and click the magnifying glass icon (  ) to start the dependency search.
  8. Look for a section labeled Subscribers, toward the bottom of the returned asset information; this will show a list of all the pages subscribed to the specified asset. If no pages are currently subscribed to the asset, it will say so.
     Note: If the asset has subscribing pages, the page links listed are clickable, but that does not necessarily mean you have access to them. If you would like to make a change to a page for which you do not have access, please refer to the related article Finding the Main Site Contact for the site to which the page belongs, and contact that individual.
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