Downloading Assessments


How do I download a test I created in Blackboard?


  • Blackboard


Method 1: Manually saving assessments

  1. Access the test on Blackboard.
  2. Individually highlight and copy each question.
  3. Paste the questions into Word and save the file once finished.

Method 2: Exporting Assessments through Respondus

 Note: Respondus is only available for Windows computers.

  1. Download Respondus from the Software Center.
  2. Install and configure Respondus.
  3. In Respondus, click Retrieval & Reports.
  4. Select Retrieve Questions.
  5. Choose the server configured in Step 2 above.
  6. Enter your NetID and Password if prompted for login information.
  7. Select the course containing the desired test.
  8. Select the appropriate Exam or Pool.
  9. Enter a name for the Respondus file to be created.
  10. Click Retrieve.
  11. The file will save and be selected automatically.
  12. Click the Preview & Publish tab.
  13. Click Print Options.
  14. Select the desired format.
  15. Click Save to File.
  16. Choose where you want to store the Word document and name it as desired.
  17. Click Save.
  18. You can now navigate to the document's location and open it in Word.


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