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Accessing Assessment Feedback Options

Instructions for Instructors on accessing the feedback options available for an assessment in Blackboard.

Adding Questions from Pool to Test

Instructions on adding questions to a test from a question pool.

Allowing iPad Use for Respondus LockDown Browser

Instructions for enabling iPad access to a Respondus LockDown Browser test.

Allowing One-Time View of Test Results

Instructions for allowing students to view test results one time.

Assigning Partial Credit

Instructions for assigning partial credit to Blackboard assignments.

Attaching Images to Test Answers

Instructions for adding images to test answers in Blackboard.

Changing Blackboard Ultra Exam from Standard Grading to Extra Credit

Instructions for making an exam in Blackboard Ultra worth extra credit points rather than standard grading for a course.

Copying Tests Between Courses

Instructions on how to copy tests between courses.

Creating a Copy of a Blackboard Test

Instructions for creating a copy of a test in Blackboard Original View courses.

Creating a Matching Question

Instructions for creating a matching question set.

Creating File Response Question

Instructions for creating a test question that has a file response or requires a file upload.

Creating Pool from Existing Test Questions

Instructions for creating a pool from an existing bank of test questions.

Deploying a Test in Blackboard

Instructions for instructors on creating a test in Blackboard.

Displaying Answers in Random Order

Instructions for enabling or disabling random ordering of test questions on Blackboard Exams.

Downloading Assessments

Instructions for downloading assessments from Blackboard.

Editing an Assessment Description

Instructions for editing the name of a deployed assessment in Blackboard.

Editing an Assessment With Existing Attempts

Information regarding editing an assessment after an attempt has been recorded.

Editing Test Instructions

Instructions for editing test instructions.

Error When Opening Assessments

Instructions for resolving the error "Object doesn’t support property or method ‘addClassName’" when trying to open a Blackboard assessment in Internet Explorer.

Exporting and Importing Tests

Instructions for importing and exporting tests inside of Blackboard.

Forcing Student Assessment Completion

Instructions for an instructor to manually force a submission of an assessment for a student.

Importing a Test Created with Cengage

Instructions for importing a test created with Cengage products.

Inserting an Image into a Blackboard Test Question

Instructions on how to insert an image into a Blackboard test question.

Missing Assessment

Information on what to do if you are missing an assessment in your Blackboard course.

Missing Assessments After Course Copy

Information about what to do if your tests/quizzes are missing after performing a course copy on Blackboard.

Password Protecting Assesments

Instructions for adding a password to tests.

Questions From Pool Appear Out of Order

Information regarding when questions added to a test from a question pool are not in the order they were created.

Randomizing Test Questions

Instructions for randomizing test questions in Blackboard.

Retaking Locked Assessment

Information on retaking a locked assessment.

Reusing Questions From Test

Instructions on reusing test questions that are not part of a question pool.

Running Test Statistics

Instructions for running test statistics in Blackboard.

Taking a Test

Information regarding how to take tests in Blackboard.

Uploading an Offline Assessment

Instructions for uploading an offline assignment in Blackboard.

Uploading Picture to Test Issue

Information regarding problems when uploading pictures to tests.

Using Pearson TestGen to Create Blackboard Tests

Information for using Perason TestGen to create and use tests with Blackboard.

Using the Test Access Log

Information on how to view the time when a test attempt was begun, the time when each question's answer was saved, and the time when the attempt was submitted.

Viewing an Assessment Attempt

Instructions for viewing an assessment attempt.