Using Pearson TestGen to Create Blackboard Tests


Can I use Pearon's TestGen to create tests for Blackboard?


The WKU ITS Unit does not support TestGen directly (we offer Respondus). For more information on TestGen click here.

You should export from TestGen in the Blackboard compatible format. This will be a .zip file, not a .txt file. The exported file can be imported into a “pool” within a Blackboard course. The assessment can be created in Blackboard using questions from this pool:

Uploading the Test into Blackboard 9

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Click the course name that you would like to upload your test questions into.
  3. Click on Course Tools in the Control Panel to expand it.
  4. Click Tests, Surveys, and Pools under Course Tools.
  5. Click Pools in the large/main window at right.
  6. Click the Import Pool button on the Pools page.
  7. Locate the .zip file to upload by clicking the Browse My Computer button. (It may be in the tests folder inside the TestGen folder.) Then click Open. The .zip file name and location display in the box next to the Browse button.
  8. Click the Submit button.

Note: When creating/editing a test, please use Reuse Questions to utilize this pool.


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