Questions From Pool Appear Out of Order


When I reuse questions from a question pool they do not appear in the order I created them or the order I imported them from a program like Pearson TestGen.


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Test questions are not assigned a fixed order until they are added to the a test. Therefore, it is not possible to ensure that questions always appear in the same order when importing them from a pool to a test.


By default, the Find Questions window sorts questions alphabetically by the Question Text field. Question numbers may be added to the question text so that they are sorted in older. The workaround listed below will only work if the questions imported are all from the same Question Pool and only one Question Pool is selected.

  1. Click Reuse Question.
  2. Click Find Questions.
  3. Check the box next to the Question Pool you would like to import questions from.
  4. Click Source Type at the top of the table of available questions on the right. This causes questions to be sorted by the Source Type, but they will not appear in their natural order yet.
  5. Click Cancel.
  6. Click Reuse Question.
  7. Click Find Questions.
  8. Check the box next to the Question Pool you would like to import questions from. They will be sorted by the Source Type, because Blackboard remembered your preference. They now appear in their natural order because they all come from the same Question Pool.
  9. If your questions overflow onto additional pages, click Show All at the bottom of the table.
  10. Check the box in the table header to select all questions in this Question Pool.
  11. Click Submit.
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