Attaching Images to Test Answers


I'm not able to attach images to each test answer. How do I enable this feature?


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There is a setting that must be turned on for each quiz/test individually in order to add images to answers. Once you turn on that setting, you'll be able to add images to your answers, but it won't be through the  menu.


  1. Navigate to the test that you want to add images to.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow next to the test name. 
  3. Select Edit the Test
  4. Click Question Settings in the upper-right.
  5. Check the box Add images, files, and web links to answers.
  6. Click Submit to enable these changes.
  7. Navigate to an answer and click Choose File to add an image.
  8. Browse to the image saved on your computer and select it.
  9. In the drop down menu under Special Action, select Display image within the page.
  10. Once you are completed making changes to the test, make sure to click Submit to save your progress. 


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Sat 4/17/21 6:23 PM
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