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Instructions on how to insert an image into a Blackboard test question.
Instructions for identifying the circumstances causing some student's test attempts to display a Needs Grading indicator for tests that should be auto-graded.
Instructions for randomizing test questions in Blackboard.
Instructions on how to copy tests between courses.
Instructions for completing an Item Analysis report to review student grades and answers for an exam.
Instructions for importing a test created with Cengage products.
Instructions for creating a pool from an existing bank of test questions.
Information about what to do if your tests/quizzes are missing after performing a course copy on Blackboard.
Instructions for adding a password to tests.
Information on retaking a locked assessment.
Information regarding editing an assessment after an attempt has been recorded.
Instructions for turning off Lockdown Browser so it is not required for taking an exam.
Information on how to view the time when a test attempt was begun, the time when each question's answer was saved, and the time when the attempt was submitted.
Information on how to get help with your course work.
Instructions for enabling or disabling random ordering of test questions on Blackboard Exams.