Using the Date Management Feature


How do I make several assignments available for students in an efficient manner? 


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Date Management will let you edit the visibility dates and the due dates for items all in one location.


If the assignments are actually set to be unavailable to students, then you must edit each one to make them available. You may follow these instructions only if the assignments are not accessible due to date restrictions.
A video tutorial of this process is available here
  1. Navigate to the course in question.
  2. Expand Course Tools and select Date Management.
  3. Select the Use Course Start Date radio button.
  4. Enter the Current Start Date and enter the New Date.
  5. Once finished, select Start.
  6. Once the Date Management Process is complete, click Next.
  7. Filter the Item Types or Date Types to display in the list.
  8. Click the Edit Dates icon to the far right and adjust the date accordingly.
  9. Select the green check mark to update.
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