Configuring Abbreviated Dialing (Cisco)


How do I configure abbreviated dialing on my Cisco phone?


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Abbreviated dialing allows you to set a specific digit or set of digits to call an entire phone number. For more information on how abbreviated dialing works, please see the Using Abbreviated Dialing article.

  1. Login to with your NetID and password.
  2. Select the phone you're wanting to create abbreviated dials on.
  3. Click Abbreviated Dialing.
  4. Click Abbreviated Dial.
  5. Type the name of the abbreviated dial in the Speed Dial Name field. This will only display on and is not visible on your phone.
  6. Type the number abbreviation you would like to set in the Speed Dial Number field. This is the abbreviated number you will dial in on your phone and not the phone number. It can be 1 - 199.
  7. Type the phone number in the Phone Number field. This is the number you would like your phone to call when you dial the number abbreviation.
    • For on-campus phone numbers, enter the five digit extension (e.g., 57000).
    • For off-campus phone numbers, enter 9 followed by the full 10 digit number (e.g., 912707457000).
  8. Click submit.
  9. Your phone will reboot. Once completed, your new abbreviated dial will be functional. For instructions on how to use this functionality, please see the Using Abbreviated Dialing article.
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