Campus Phone & Voicemail

Articles about telephone services, fax lines, and the voicemail system.

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Call Centers

Information about call centers around WKU's campus.

Cisco Jabber

Articles about the Cisco Jabber program.

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Activate a Residence Hall Phone Line

Information about hooking up a dorm room phone on campus.

Adding Additional Speed Dial Numbers (Cisco)

Information on the limit of speed dial numbers on Cisco phones.

Beeping Sound When Dialing an Off-Campus Number

Information about the beeping sound you get when dialing off-campus phone numbers.

Blocking Phone Calls

Instructions for blocking persistent calls to WKU extensions.

Calls Redirecting to Voicemail

Instructions for resolving an issue where all your calls automatically redirect to voicemail.

Cellular Discount Information

Information about cellular discounts available to faculty, staff, and students.

Changing Voicemail Message

Instructions on changing your voicemail message on your campus phone.

Checking Call History

Instructions for checking call history on Cisco Phones 8941 & 8945.

Checking Voicemails From Phone

Instructions for checking your voicemails from your WKU campus phone.

Cisco Phone Displays Detecting Network

Instructions for resolving an error where a Cisco phone can display a Detecting Network message when a Macintosh computer is connected to the switch port.

Cisco Phone Registering

Instructions for restarting a Cisco phone.

Cisco Phone Voice Feedback

Instructions on how to disable the voice feedback option on a Cisco phone.

Configuring Abbreviated Dialing (Cisco)

Instructions on configuring abbreviated dialing on a Cisco phone.

Configuring Speed Dialing (Cisco)

Instructions for setting up speed dial numbers on WKU-owned Cisco phones.

Creating a Conference Call (Cisco)

Instructions for creating a conference call using a Cisco phone.

Creating an Away Greeting

Instructions for creating an away greeting users will hear when directed to voicemail

Creating/Changing Voicemail PIN

Instructions on how to create/change your voicemail PIN.

Default Destination of Voicemail Messages

Explanation of where voicemail messages are stored after being received.

Dialing/Transferring Directly to Voicemail

Instructions for dialing / transferring a call directly to voicemail.

Disconnecting a Phone Line

Information on having a phone line disconnected.

Forwarding All Calls (Cisco)

Instructions on how to forward phone calls from a Cisco phone.

Making a Call from a WKU Phone

Instructions on how to make a phone call from a WKU phone.

Monthly Phone Costs

Information on the yearly cost for campus phone service.

New Phone or Fax Line Request

Information about requesting a new phone or fax line to be activated for an area or new employee.

Not Getting a Dial Tone

Information on what to do when you do not get a dial tone on a WKU office phone.

Phone Service for Remote Employees

Information about WKU ITS phone services for employees working remotely.

Placing Call on Hold

Instructions for placing a call on hold.

Plugging a Computer into a Cisco Phone

Instructions for having the switch port on the back of IP phones enabled so that a computer can be connected.

Reassigning a Phone Number to Another Employee

Information on what to do when a campus phone number needs to be assigned to another employee.

Receiving Voicemail Quota Warning

Instructions on how to clear messages from the phone when receiving voicemail quota warning emails.

Relocating a Phone Line

Information for Faculty/Staff on what to do with your phone line when you are moving offices on campus.

Removing Callers from Conference Calls

Instructions on how to remove callers from an ongoing conference call.

Requesting Equipment

Instructions on requesting additional equipment for your WKU office phone.

Requesting Intercom Service

Instructions for requesting the appropriate intercom service, based on issue being experienced.

Requesting Phone Features

Information about what Cisco phone system features are available and how to request them.

Setting Up Cisco Aironet for Remote Employees

Instructions for remote WKU employees on how to set up a Cisco Aironet.

Slow Network Speeds on PC Port

Instructions on addressing slow network speeds when the computer is connected to the network via a Cisco phone PC port.

Stopping Call Forwarding

Instructions for stopping calls from forwarding to a different number.

Transferring a Call with a Yealink Phone

Instructions on transferring a phone call with a Yealink phone.

Unlocking Voicemail PIN

Instructions on how to unlock your voicemail PIN if it has been locked from too many failed attempts.

Using Abbreviated Dialing (Cisco)

Instructions on how to use abbreviated dialing on a Cisco phone.

Using Cisco Personal Directory

Information about the Cisco Personal Directory.

Voicemail Account Locked

Information about resolving the following error message when checking voicemail: Your account is locked and cannot be opened. For help, contact your system administrator.