Using Abbreviated Dialing (Cisco)


How do I use abbreviated dialing?


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Abbreviated dialing allows you to abbreviate a full phone number with a 1 to 3 digit long abbreviation. For example, your phone can be configured to call 2707457000 by only dialing 7.


  1. Ensure you have configured abbreviated dialing. For instructions, please see the Configuring Abbreviated Dialing article.
  2. On your phone, dial an abbreviation you've configured (e.g., 12).
  3. Press the speed dial soft key on your phone. It will appear on the bottom of the screen once you've dialed at least one digit.
     Note: If you do not see the speed dial soft key, press the far right soft key that appears as two dots. This will show additional soft keys.
  4. Your phone will dial the full phone number and initiate the call.
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