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Information for Faculty/Staff on what to do with your phone line when you are moving offices on campus.
Information on what to do when a campus phone number needs to be assigned to another employee.
Information about troubleshooting call forwarding on Cisco Jabber.
Instructions on how to forward phone calls from a Cisco phone.
Information about troubleshooting call notifications on Cisco Jabber.
Instructions on how to make a phone call from a WKU phone.
Instructions on how to unlock your voicemail PIN if it has been locked from too many failed attempts.
Instructions on how to clear messages from the phone when receiving voicemail quota warning emails.
Information on what to do when you do not get a dial tone on a WKU office phone.
Information on what to do if you have issues logging into the Pinnacle system.
Information about hooking up a dorm room phone on campus.
Instructions on requesting additional equipment for your WKU office phone.
Instructions for checking your voicemails from your WKU campus phone.
Instructions for having the switch port on the back of IP phones enabled so that a computer can be connected.
Information on the yearly cost for campus phone service.