Differences in WKU Accounts


What is the difference between account types at WKU?



 Note: NetIDs are created once a user has a WKU ID.

The NetID is used for logging into Active Directory, Blackboard, TopNet, myWKU and may other various WKU Systems. It is accompanied by a NetID‚Äč Password which is separate from all other accounts at WKU. 



 Note: WKUIDs are created for students once their application has been reviewed by the Admissions office. WKUIDs are created for employees and affiliates once Human Resources has created an entry in Banner for the person.

The WKUID is normally used for logging into TopNet and has it's own six digit WKU ID PIN. It may also be used for logging into an admissions application for a student that has already been accepted to WKU.



 Note: TopperMail accounts are created once a student is admitted to WKU.

The TopperMail Address is used for accessing student email. New TopperMail accounts are generally formatted as follows: first.last123@topper.wku.edu. The password for this account is synced with your NetID Password.

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