Too Much Paper Error on a Ricoh Printer


My Ricoh printer is displaying an error message saying that there is too much paper and has a error code similar to the following:

SC 501


  • Ricoh MFP Devices


If the printer/copier tries to pull paper from a tray three times and fails, it will display error code SC 50*, with the * digit being the number of the tray that has failed pulling paper. This code will persist even after the paper is cleared, until a reboot is performed.


  1. Check each tray and verify that there is not too large an amount of paper in the feeder, and that there is no paper jam in or around the tray in question.
  2. Once the tray has been checked, you must restart the printer/copier before the error code will resolve.

If this does not resolve the problem, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

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