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Instructions for printing in color from a Mac to a Manage Print Service (MPS) device.
Instructions for adding a Ricoh MPS printer to Mac computers.
Instructions for performing scan-to-email on a Ricoh printer in the Student Technology Centers.
Instructions for printing to the Ricoh printers in the Student Technology Centers.
Instructions for how to make copies at a Ricoh printer.
Information on adding an access code to an MPS Ricoh printer.
Information on access codes for Ricoh (MPS) printers.
Instructions for setting up Locked Printing on a Windows 10 machine.
Instructions for sending and using remote fax for WKU MPS printers and devices.
Instructions on how to resolve a "too much paper" error on a Ricoh printer.
Instructions for Macs to enable Locked Print, which forces documents to queue to print until you are physically near the device.
Instructions for adding and saving the user code to a Ricoh printer on macOS.