Making a Grid Gallery


How do I make a Grid Gallery asset?


  • Omni CMS


Within gallery options there is an advanced edit section that will need extra settings to determine gallery style, number of columns, and thumbnail style.


An image gallery asset must be created and then added to the page using the WYSIWYG's edit view. These image galleries are supported anywhere the asset can be added to your pages. There are two types of gallery configurations available: Carousel or Grid. The following steps are for creating an image gallery asset and configuring a Grid Gallery to be used on a page. 

  1. In Omni CMS select Content and click Assets from the navigation bar. 
  2. Click New, select Image Gallery
  3. Fill out required fields to create the asset; click Save.
    Note: Be sure to set the appropriate Access Group and Available To groups when creating an asset.  
  4. Once the Image Gallery asset is created modifications can be made and images can be added. 
  5. Configure the Gallery Options: 
    • The Advanced section requires additional lines of code. Copy code from the Code Generator in the next step.
    •   Use the Code Generator to generate the necessary lines of code to configure the Grid Gallery. 
    • Paste the code from the Code Generator into the Advanced section.  
  6.  Add images to be included in the gallery.
    Note: Details about image sizing can be found at the Omni CMS Example Site Grid Galleries page.
  7. Click Save when finished.
  8. Navigate to the page you want to add the asset to.
  9. Click Insert Asset in the page editor tool bar.
  10.  Filter by Image Gallery, locate and select the Image Gallery asset created earlier, click Insert.
  11. The grid gallery has now been added as an asset to the page, save and publish as necessary.


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