Making a Carousel Gallery (Slider)


How do I create a carousel style or slider gallery?


  • Omni CMS


The slider.pcf file is no longer used in the new templates. To add a slider gallery to your page, you must now create an image gallery asset and add it to your page. 


  1. In Omni CMS select Content and click Assets from the navigation bar. 
  2. Click New, select Image Gallery.
  3. Fill out required fields to create asset, click save.
    Note: Be sure to set the appropriate Access Group / Available To when creating an asset. 
  4. Once the Image Gallery asset is created modifications can be made and images can be added.
  5. Configure the Gallery Options
    • Crop images to have the same height.
      Note: Read more about image sizing at the OU Campus Example Site Carousel Galleries page.
    • For a Carousel Gallery in the Advanced section insert:
    • style=carousel; 
  6. Add images to be included in gallery.
  7. Click Save.


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