Accessing SAS OnDemand for Academics


How do I access the SAS OnDemand for Academics service? 


  • SAS OnDemand


These instructions are provided as a courtesy for accessing the SAS OnDemand service. WKU ITS does not support or administrate the SAS OnDemand service. Questions or problems with this service should be directed to the instructor of the course or SAS OnDemand support. 
  1. Go here
  2. Click For Students
  3. Click Access now
  4. Enter your SAS OnDemand for Academics sign in information. 
    If you do not have an SAS OnDemand for Academics account you will need to create a profile. The profile creation process can take some time to complete, please be patient. 
  5. Click Sign In
You will have to have an access code for this software. If you have not been provided an access code please contact the instructor of the course for additional troubleshooting. WKU ITS is not able to provide an access code for SAS. 
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