Updating Addresses and Phones Error


When I click the Submit button on the Update Addresses and Phones - Select Address webpage I receive the error message:

Errors Occurred. Please try again. Please select a valid address type.


There were no changes made to the address fields. If the user decides the Diploma Address and Mailing/Permanent sections are up-to-date then clicking the Submit button is not necessary unless they make changes to either section. Clicking the Submit button with no changes made will result in an error message because Topnet wont have any changes to make.


  1. Click on Return to I CERTIFY menu link located at the bottom of the TopNet webpage in red text.
  2. Click I CERTIFY my contact and address information is correct button.


Article ID: 397
Thu 8/14/14 1:10 PM
Wed 7/22/20 10:40 AM