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Information about requesting a new phone or fax line to be activated for an area or new employee.
Instructions for temporarily disabling phone service for Cisco Jabber on Desktop.
Instructions for enabling Cisco Jabber calling from your device.
Instructions for using a phone call in a Zoom meeting instead of a microphone.
Instructions for changing your audio device preferences in Cisco Jabber.
Information about Cisco Jabber and standard desk phones being used simultaneously.
Information about what Cisco phone system features are available and how to request them.
Instructions for requesting the appropriate intercom service, based on issue being experienced.
Instructions for resolving an error where a Cisco phone can display a Detecting Network message when a Macintosh computer is connected to the switch port.
Instructions for logging into Cisco Finesse
Information on errors when updated addresses and phone numbers in TopNet.
Information about hooking up a dorm room phone on campus.
Instructions for signing out of the Cisco Finesse web page.
Instructions for changing the user's state in Cisco Finesse.
Instructions for making a call using Cisco FInesse.