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Information on how to change the manager of a shared mailbox account.
Instructions for changing default browser in System Preferences on macOS devices.
Instructions for changing default file types and apps on Windows 11.
Instructions for changing Firefox's download behavior based on filetype.
Instructions for changing the homepage of Internet Explorer.
Instructions for modifying the date and time in Windows Operating Systems.
Instructions for preventing Zoom participants from renaming themselves in a Zoom meeting.
Information about sending emails from shared mailbox accounts migrated to Microsoft 365.
Instructions for changing desktop background to default WKU picture on a WKU-owned machine.
Information about changing an assignment after it is submitted.
Instructions on changing the page orientation for a document in Microsoft Word 2016 for Windows
Information on how to change the points possible for an assignment in Blackboard.
Instructions for sorting My Files within Blackboard.
Instructions on how to update your address/phone number in TopNet.
Information about changing a student email multi factor authentication number.