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Instructions for fixing broken Blackboard Collaborate Recording links.
Instructions for how to edit a Mediasite presentation.
Instructions on how to upload a video recorded outside of the Desktop Recorder to Mediasite.
Instructions for finding saved Zoom recordings on your computer.
Instructions on how to create a Mediasite channel.
Information about recording a collaborative (more than one presenter) video presentation in Mediasite.
Information about Mediasite Mosaic no longer uploading videos.
Instructions on how to use IVS recording links provided by AVS Support.
Information about WKU's wireless network and what to do if you are having Wi-Fi issues.
Instructions for recording a Zoom meeting to Zoom Cloud with Closed-Captioning.
Instructions for finding all video files on your Mac computer.
Instructions for disabling Firefox from auto-playing embedded videos.
Information regarding an import error that can happen when trying to import photos / videos from an iPhone /iPad to a Windows 10 computer.
Instructions for enabling Google Chrome to play Mediasite recordings when the error "Your playback ticket is not valid for this session" is displayed as an error message.
Information about Firefox prompting to download a file called F.TXT at random times.